bandel studio

Q:What are your rates?

A:Our commission starts at a base of €1600 €, intended for the wedding photographic service only. This fee not includes albums, or prints and other expenses like travels. If you have special needs, we can discuss about it:-)

Q:Are you available for travels?

A:We love traveling! Yes, we are!

Q:Is there a time limit or a limited number of shots?

A:Usually, we delivers about 350-450 pictures for a wedding photography service, starting from getting ready till the party. We offer packages with unlimited hours of coverage, but also offer limited packages (8 hours or less).

Q:How should we book you?

Write us to check our availability, and once we’ve set the details, you’ll just need to send a deposit, via credit card, PayPal or bank transfer:-)

Q:Will all the photos be retouched?

We'll color-grades and correct exposure all the pictures of your service!

Q:Do you have prints or albums?

Oh yes, we have Italian highly-skilled artisans who makes for us top quality luxury products.

Q:Do you do group and/or family portraits?

Yes, giving free rein to creativity!

Q:What equipment do you use?

We are fully canon equipped, and we're members of CPN